Brexit Millionaire experience 2022 – this is how the crypto exchange performs

Brexit Millionaire is, according to our Brexit Millionaire experiences, known as a crypto exchange worldwide, although not without controversy. Many customers prefer the generous selection of numerous cryptocurrencies. In addition to Bitcoin, this includes many well-known altcoins, as well as new altcoins. In addition to USD, the tradable currency pairs include EUR as well as Bitcoin, ETH GBP or JPY. With the minimum deposit of 10,000 euros, Brexit Millionaire is primarily aimed at ambitious traders. Are you one of them too? Get to know the crypto exchange better with our experiences. We show you where there is room for improvement and which strengths Brexit Millionaire has.

Officially 24/7 customer support on the cryptocoin exchange Brexit Millionaire

Customer service, which is responsible for questions and problems on the part of users, is available 24 hours a day – in theory! However, the „round-the-clock service“ is only valid in theory and exclusively via email, because in practice we have found that it then takes up to twelve hours on average until an email is answered. Sometimes it even took between 18 and 36 hours until we received an answer. Thus, from our point of view, the 24-hour support is only theoretically available, but it is officially offered.

However, some questions can be answered in advance, even though the FAQ page is not particularly detailed and some questions will remain unanswered. As far as friendliness and competence are concerned, our experiences with the customer service were mixed. It seems that it actually depends on the individual employees whether the questions are answered in a comprehensible, individual and courteous manner or whether you feel rather annoyed as a customer. Overall, it is therefore not possible to draw a uniform overall conclusion regarding customer service, so it is best to make your own experiences.

Conclusion on the Brexit Millionaire cryptocoin exchange: everything important available

There are no major weaknesses in the offer of the cryptocoin exchange Brexit Millionaire. All the necessary information, functions and trading options that can be expected from such an exchange for cryptocurrencies are available. Particularly noteworthy is the high security standard, which includes some points that are not found with all cryptocoin brokers. In addition, a good selection is provided with a total of 13 tradable cryptocurrencies. The customer service is certainly not one of the highlights, as it does not respond very quickly and some employees still have room for improvement in their behavior. The website is available in three languages, but apart from English it is rather uninteresting for European customers, because it is also available in Russian and Chinese.